It’s a tough haul trying to run a small business and make the ends meet at times. Especially when all you have for income is your small business. It’s easy to cut expenses that don’t seem to contribute to the bottom line in these times. One of these things is health insurance.

In Canada we have the great provincial health care which covers trips to the doctors and in the USA, you are pretty much out of luck. You have to purchase health care. And talking from my friends across the border, it’s crazy expensive. But in Canada, you don’t have insurance for dental, extended health care, prescriptions, glass and the list really goes on and on.

I’ve been humming and hoeing about a health care plan and they all kind of were not that great. Let’s just say I wasn’t impressed. Well today, I was impressed!

First before I continue, you need health care – especially if you run a small business. Learn how to make it part of your business as an expense sooner than later in your location. When something bad happens, and it will, health care costs can drive you completely bankrupt.

I had to undergo chemotherapy in 2013, about two years ago. Now, I’m having ramifications from those treatments. One of them are my teeth. The chemo, but the looks of it causes the mouth to change chemically which will start to deteriorate the teeth. Something that I discovered just a couple of days back when I had a tooth split in half! Upon full examination, all of my teeth have troubles! And I had a perfect set of teeth.

Needless to say the bill was going to be very high. I knew it was time to look into health care. I looked at several plans but most have a time period before they start to pay, especially dental costs. In my neck of the woods, for general dental care, the coverage starts 90 days after enrollment and the costs were very limited. If you need any extensive care, like crowns or bridge work, you have to wait a minimum of 24 months before you can make any claims!

Today though I discovered something call a Chamber of Commerce Health Care Plan in my area. Coverage is immediate and the premiums are actually pretty reasonable. Best of all, coverage is instantaneous! I’d really recommend looking into your local chamber of commerce and see if they have like programs. There were some limitations but nothing as bad as private plans offered by many health insurance companies.

Remember, you will need health care and establishing it before you need it allows you to lay out the cost and become used to the billing of it and when you need it, it’s just there! Boy, I like working for my small business more today!