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Frank Thomas is an experienced small business owner who has made many mistakes but also has had many successes. The Small Business Tips Show is a collection of sound advice for a new or experienced business owner on how to avoid the pitfalls that come with being an entrepreneur.

Small Business Trust Marketing 101 [Podcast #006]

What is trust marketing? How can you implement trust marketing and what kind of results should you expect? And why bother with trust marketing? If you are not implementing trust marketing as part of your business plan, than you are leaving more on the table than you can ever guess!

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Building A Customer Base [Podcast #005]

Building a customer base. What is it and why do you want a strong customer base? Techniques you can apply immediately to build a stronger customer base and things to watch out for that will erode your efforts!

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Growing Your Business [Podcast #004]

Learn more about how you can grow your business. Learn why you should grow your business, planning your business growth and finally some ideas to take away to get things rolling.

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The Power of Focus [Podcast #003]

Today we talk about the power of focus. Focus to any business is critical. Learn why focus is critical in your business, when you can tell your business is suffering from a lack of or incorrect focus and learn how to master the art of focus.


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Marketing Your Small Business [Podcast #002]

Today we are talking with Nancy Boisvert, CEO of Agapi Marketing. She shares her three decades of marketing savvy with us today. Nancy will be talking about some of the big and costly mistakes small business owners make when trying to advertise their small business.
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Agapi Marketing web site: http://agapimarketing.com/
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Introduction To The Small Business Tips Show [Podcast #001]

Learn the top tips to help you ensure that you are running a successful business! This show doesn’t dive too deep but is to serve as a general information show for you.

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