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Isn’t It Time To Make Your Small Business Into A Profitable Business?

I’m Frank Thomas, the host of the Small Business Tips Show and I’ve been a business owner for eight years now. I do run a small business and am proud that I’m still a small business!

Many business people think about how big they can become, but my focus has always been, how profitable can my small business be – while staying a small business.

I enjoy running a small business and really do not desire to have a huge business simply because my life is so full outside of business, that I don’t want my business to take over the other parts of my life.

BUT – I did want a profitable business! I’m currently working to have my business break the 1/4 million dollar a year mark and I can honestly tell you that I’ve learned a few of things that have helped me obtain my goals and also a ton of things that moved me away from my business financial goals.

That’s the whole reason behind the Small Business Tips Show. I want to share what I’ve and other successful small business owners have learned with you. Plus, I’ll be sharing deeper information within the Small Business Tips Show web site for those of you who want to take your small business to the next level.